Dear Friends,

We are asking for your support. Our goal is to create a beautiful memorial to honor our veterans. This will be a place to gather, a place to rejoice, a place to share and particularly, a place to remember. A Memorial Pavilion and memorial wall to honor the veterans of North Carolina will be built in the Broadway Town Park.

There are a variety of ways to permanently honor or memorialize your veteran or other members of your family while supporting this project. All gifts will be permanently recognized and names of donors making gifts of $500 or more will be permanently inscribed in the granite surface reserved for donors at the Memorial.

As American citizens living in peaceful times, we often take our freedom for granted. But, our freedom was never free! The gravest of sacrifices to preserve that freedom have been made by our American veterans. Many suffered permanent physical and emotional loss, many lost the opportunity for a full and productive life...and many died. There is every good reason to honor, locally, the veterans of our area and their sacrifices in a permanent manner. Place your own name permanently at this memorial as one who helped build it with a gift or donation!

Mr. Donald Andrews, Jr.
Dr. Eldon Sloan, Jr.

Co-Chairmen, The North Carolina Veterans Memorial Committee